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Funds Raised

The first trail project building the trail on the north side of the lake.

2002 (02-02) RTP- $360,000.
Dr. Sinclair Armstrong, Neal Rogers, and the Town of Vian gave the Foundation an easement to the property.

The trail project on the southeast side of the hill, 2006 (06-04) $360,000. Dr. Sinclair Armstrong deeded enough acres to serve as the meet for the match for the grant.

The southern trail, the parking lot and, and amphitheater 2009 (09-03)- $360,000. Again, Dr. Armstrong donated enough land to meet the match.

The  school track project, an LWCF project sponsored by the school but done by the Foundation 2010 40-01186- the Foundation (I wrote the grant for the school) owned the land and deeded 7+ acres to the school upon receipt of the grant. The donation of the land was the match for the grant.


Around 2003, the Foundation was awarded an $80,000 grant from the Cherokee Nation to construct two softball fields on land Dr.  Armstrong donated. The Foundation hired about half the dirt work to be done.  Charles and Jody Sloan, two local farmers, brought  their tractors and equipment  and help complete the rest of the dirt work .
Suzanne Sullivan and daughter, Callie, Sherry Pickle, Jody Sloan and son, Seth…Sherry Swimmer and daughters Torrie and Allison, Faye Wildcat and her daughter, and Ron and Coach Cindy Rogers literally dug rock out of a quarry across the highway, loaded  the rock on the trailer, hauled it over to the softball  fields to use in construction of the pressbox, concession and dug outs.


Dr. Sullivan, James Simmons, Joe Paul Simon and Jody Sloan planted all the trees donated by Ray Wright at Green Country Landscape. Karen Simmons painted  all the lettering on the signs.

Dr. Armstrong donated approximately $125,000 to pay for the construction of the two-story press box/concession and dug outs.

The Vian Learn and Serve Club under Scott Galbraith spent lots of hours working at the fields.

Vian Alumni and Friends planted 60 trees donated by Greenleaf Nursery.
The park was developed from a culmination of awarded grants, donations and tons  of volunteer hours.


Volunteers painted the inside of the dug outs and pressbox/concessions

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