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Current List of Grants Funded

  • The original park project for city lake. 40-00890 LWCF                                                        
  • The first trail project  building the trail on the north side of the lake. 2002 (02-02) RTP              
  • The trail project on the southeast side of the hill, 2006 (06-04)                                                        
  • The southern trail, the parking lot and, and amphitheater 2009 (09-03)                                          
  • The  school track project, an LWCF project sponsored by the school but done by the Foundation 2010 40-01186                                          
  • An improvement project for the Little League field in 2007 40-01165                                                    
  • A mountain bike trail project in 2017. 17-04              
  • A current mountain bike trail project,  
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